More than merely a software system, AssetTrax is a comprehensive solution built around how your organization operates and is customizable to support your specific objectives. Clients find value in AssetTrax at all phases of a company’s life cycle, from startup and growth through expansion, maturity and/or downsizing.


Quick and consolidated access to essential asset data


Track equipment operational status and physical movements


Assess equipment by such traits as age, utilization, and value



Assign equipment to specific locations and/or projects


Expose assets for redeployment across the organization


Effectuate proactive sales of idle or excess assets

Product Features


Set access privileges to allow or limit asset visibility.

Use our mobile app to facilitate in field data manipulation.

Rest assured with single enterprise cloud-based installations.

Assigned project liaison to assist in system customization.

Onsite consultants to train staff on implementation.

Field team for asset inspections, data gathering, and implementation support.

Access to industry leading asset valuation team.

Ability to support internal asset sales process or facilitate fully managed asset disposition solutions.

In-house development team for system customization.

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